how it works

you’ve decided that working together will help your business – fantastic!  here’s what happens:

  • first, you let us know that we’re going to work together.  we do a collective cheer!
  • second, we set up a 30 minute call to talk through your selection, deliverables, and timing.  we go over photography (whether or not you’re purchasing through us) and make sure we have the assets we need to get what you’ve signed up for done.
  • third, we set a deadline schedule.  these will include when you can expect each stage of the project to be complete, as well as any deadlines that you will need to meet (for example, approving content) in order for us to complete the services  in the scheduled time, as well as a final deadline.
  • finally, we get started!  you’ll hear from us as we work, if we have any questions, and we are available to you via email throughout the process.

we can’t wait to cheer collectively with you!  reach out today to get started!