new year, new you!

new year’s eve, for me, is a great night.  i’ve done a million different things on NYE – gone to times square to watch the ball drop, been skiing with friends, and danced the night away more times that i can count.  i’ve also – like i did this year – spent the night in with good food, a great IPA, and a movie or two on netflix.

regardless of how i celebrate, i always make new year’s resolutions.  i try to make them measurable and actionable, outlining critical steps that need to happen in order to meet the goal.  i also treat the year in two six-month chunks, where i try to reassess in the summer to see where i am at, and if i’m nowhere on any of them, why that is.  my friend kat has a great blog called irish confetti, where she often writes about personal growth.  she talks a lot about reframing “failure as progress,” and how you can start to see things differently by switching to a growth mindset.

switching to a mindset where you can safely make progress, even if you don’t have everything mapped out to a t, is a great business mindset as well.  i’ve encouraged all my clients to take a good hard look at their 2018.  what do they need out of it?  if it’s increased revenue, how are they getting there? increased profitability, same question?  the plan to get there is as important -if not more important-than thinking up the goal itself.  

it’s not odd to need an outside perspective to look clinically at your past year’s performance and assess what worked and what didn’t.  we are happy to help with these assessments and the business plans to achieve them, but whether or not you’re a client, we recommend you take a good look at your business, and make a couple resolutions yourselves.  just don’t forget the plans to make them come true.

happy new year!

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