localize & vocalize: voice search for small businesses

amazon had it's "best christmas ever" thanks to "tens of millions" of alexa-enabled devices, from the firestick to the dot, sold.  beyond the fun of "hey alexa"-ing (or "OK Google"-ing), voice search has significant implications for small businesses, in particular. the mass adoption of voice search devices across family homes means that desktop has been … Continue reading localize & vocalize: voice search for small businesses

taking the L to drive loyalty

in things that are not news: customer service is the heart of commerce. all businesses strive to treat their customers well, sometimes in the face of unreasonable and irate behavior.  customers today expect even more from your brand, whether you're a brick-and-mortar mom & pop in a small town or an online startup, and balancing … Continue reading taking the L to drive loyalty

facebook social: outsmarting the machine

with over 83% of americans having a social media account, small businesses have turned to social media to engage with their users and share important updates about their businesses.  however, as many of you have noticed, organic (free) engagement on posts has dropped dramatically over the past few years.  in fact, as little as 2% … Continue reading facebook social: outsmarting the machine

radio and print and online oh my!

today's small business owner faces a far more complicated world than their predecessors--even as recently as 10 years ago, the options were far more limited.  now, small business owners are faced with a plethora of channels--print! search! radio! display!--multiplied by ebook downloads, and then squared by a huge number of global agencies all trying to … Continue reading radio and print and online oh my!